A selection of testimonials from people I have worked with.
Many found this softer way of healing to be life-changing.

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" My energy level has increased, my mood has escalated and the ringing in my ears has decreased. I feel that the affirmations and remedies three times a day greatly helped me"……CS, Winnipeg, MB

" Thank you for your work and kindness, you are a natural. My sleep issues have decreased. God bless you on your journey………"
GI, St Catherines, ON

" I've been doing well, accomplishing more than I was able to a year ago and feel my old self coming back.
This is a good thing………." SE, Whitby, ON

" I am extremely enthusiastic to recommend Cheron. Her work is detailed and competent and she is very accurate in her assessments. Cheron is a very compassionate healer who has a heart of service………" CB, Kitchener, ON

" I am delighted to say how much better I felt within days when guided by Cheron to make specific dietary and lifestyle changes. My health was at an all-time low. Cheron was always gentle and encouraging, especially when I stumbled backwards.
I feel better, and truly, I am well………." SJ, Mississauga, ON


" I just wanted to thank you for the class yesterday, it was wonderful! The other participants were so welcoming too. I feel so blessed to have met you and learn from you. You are a great teacher! I have spent a bit of time going through the binder you gave me, there is so much information, thank you, thank you, thank you! "……W.M, Winnipeg, MB

"Thank you for the wonderful day! I treated both my dad and my husband afterwards. My husband also commented that my hands felt warmer than usual. I'm really looking forward to Level 2! "
…..J.C.G, Winnipeg, MB

"Yesterday was truly amazing and very affirming for me. Last evening I was able to use Reiki on myself to stop the beginning of a migraine. That to me is life-changing and freeing. Pain relief so fast….wow.
The energy and vibrations I experienced as I did it was incredible and so enjoyable. It felt great, like pure love coursing through me."
……K.E, Winnipeg, MB

" I am really looking forward to continuing on.  As much as I love my crystals, I am finding so much satisfaction and validation with Reiki."
….B.R, Winnipeg, MB