What IS Energy Healing?

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Q & A to a Softer Way of Healing

  • Who does Energy Healing typically help?

Energy Healing typically helps people living with all type of pain, from a car accident, joint pain or autoimmune diseases. It also helps people with insomnia, allergies and digestive disorders, blood and bone dis-ease, amongst others

  • How does it work?

Pain relief is obtained through a proven system designed by me, after years of working 1:1 with clients. Supporting and advising them, bringing them to renewed vitality and joyful living. Working with compassion and focussing on the details and dealing with the cause

  • How long does that typically take?

It all depends on the client. If someone has been suffering with pain of some sort for 10 years, that’s not going to go away overnight. We usually start off with an 8 week program, which works well for most, as you get longer-lasting results. This one thing I know though, after 3 - 5 days of following the program, my clients realise a marked improvement in their health

  • What is your background?

Believe it or not....I started out in the creative field - my chosen career was a clothing designer, and I worked in the textile and design branch for most of my life

  • How did you become interested in Holistic Healing?

I lived in Germany for many years and someone I was very close to lived with pain for most of his adult life due to a bad leg amputation during WW2. He was always searching for relief and through him I came to hear about Healing Hands, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Pyramid Therapy and much more

This really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a softer way of healing. I consulted with a healer myself. She treated me with Reiki, Flower Essences, Homeopathic remedies and other modalities. I became passionate about this form of healing, and did some research myself on it

Really, though; I grew up with this. Thinking back, my mother often used “Old Wives” remedies with us. Gargling with salt water for a sore throat, Calendula balm for a burn, Arnica for bruises or shock. There are lots of home remedies such as these

I personally have been through depression, taking medication, until I decided I wanted to “practise what I preach” and wean myself off it. I welcome working together with Western medicine however, feel we can keep more people out of hospitals with preventative medicine. That’s how I view what I do

  • Tell us more about Vibrational Medicine?

In a nutshell, assuming that everything is energy and that each person has their own energy; one would agree that anyone who suffers consistently from pain especially, has a very low energy? So what I do is clear their low energy to that of a healthier person. By lifting their energy, it raises their metabolism and creates a new circle. When you think about the side effects of various medications and the damage they can do to most body organs, a completely natural program is the safest route to follow

  • Do you work with Distance Healing?

Yes, I do. I can help anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s all about energy, and that is the medium I use. Believing is seeing, and seeing is believing

  • Tell us some of the results you’ve achieved

I’ve helped people with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Tinnitus, Low Energy, Low Self-esteem, Weight-loss, Anxiety, Food sensitivities, Water retention (which can lead to heart disease), and Sleep challenges. Sleep deprivation can lead to extremely dangerous situations, whether driving a vehicle or operating machinery

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