Vibrational Medicine

Let me help you regain physical, mental and spiritual balance by listening to you, taking time to REALLY hear what your challenges are and how they are affecting you and your life. Learn how a softer way of healing can help by using some or all of the following modalities. My unique system is designed for you to be pain-free, living a life of peace, joy and happiness.

Healthy Choices

Trained and qualified in:

- Balancing Health Issues
- Counselling
- Personalised Remedies
- Reiki Master - Classes and Treatments
- Vibrational Medicine
- Yoga Mist and Meditation

Cheron Dearle Holistic

Studied Vibrational Medicine with Kathy Walker DNM of Toronto, ON. Recognised by the College of International Holistic Studies, Milton, ON; Canada

Studied Reiki 1&2 with Kathy Walker DNM of Toronto, ON

Sacred Meditation Leadership presented by R. Scott Sherman;
EnVision Founder and Minister; USA

Reiki Master achieved through Cynthia Jones, Reiki Master;
Winnipeg, MB

Studied Yoga Mist - a blend of Hatha, Astanga and Kundalini Yoga with Marianne Padjan of Mississauga, ON.
Combining the stillness of Hatha with the deep meditative element of Kundalini and the flexibility of Astanga Yoga; all three improve your physical stamina and flexibility, while offering a deep meditative element

Studied Counselling with Janet Amare, President and Creator of Soul Purpose Inc; Toronto ON