Do you feel misunderstood about your health?
Do you feel pain is robbing you of the life you really want?
Are you tired of that continuous brain fog, stealing away your joy?

Learn how you can live completely well again, filled with exuberance!


I am so glad you found this site. Now you are on your way to improving your health in the safest possible way.

My three Modules focus on the Body, Mind and Spirit; thereby creating a new mind-set and blue-print around continued good health.

Together we identify and clear the body of pain-triggers, eliminating food addictions and allergies with nutritional advice.

By reducing stresses and introducing relaxation through Reiki, you learn to release past emotions, forgiving self and others.

Through Vibrational Medicine, healing is accelerated with personalised remedies.

Affirmations and acceptance of self supports moving on, as well as the introduction of Meditation and Yoga.


It is not the intent to diagnose, prescribe or imply treatments.
If you have a medical condition, please consult a physician.

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