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What is a Reiki Share?

A Reiki Share is a time for Reiki Masters and Practitioners to get together to practise and experience different levels of energy and also delve into their own capabilities. Most times we are at the giving end of the spectrum, and by taking part in a share, we do exactly that, we share the energy with each other. It is also a good time to catch-up with news in the healing community, perhaps a Wellness Show that might be coming up and a good idea to attend.

I find it very important for my students to take part in at least one Reiki Share after they have completed a level. Students and Practitioners come together, and through the exchange the students can then decide if they are actually ready to move on to the next level or not. A Reiki Share can be attended by any level of Reiki accreditation, starting at level one.

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The amount of people at a share is not important, however; the intent and sincerity of those taking part is definitely. This is a spiritual ritual, and by taking part, one is opening up oneself to the energy of all at the share. The energy of the room where the share is to be held would be cleansed before the start, as well as asking for protection for all participants. Afterwards, gratitude is spoken on behalf of all present.