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A Letter To My Clients

Dear friend,

getting to know you and what your expectations are is a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for your entrustment to bring you through the change and transformation to this beautiful, “new” you.

Letting go of the betrayal, anger and shame you’ve carried for so long, is a great achievement for you, and I honour that. Working with you has been like peeling an onion, every layer something new to discover and rejoice over. And now, even the guilt has gone, how wonderful!

There have been tears, for both of us, happiness and elation, knowing that every session we’re another step closer to where you want to be and the freedom and joy in which you deserve to feel and revel.

The first few meetings were slow, we had to experience each other’s trust and you had to learn to rely on the faith and hope built into the program. This gave you the conviction to learn what your body needed to eliminate the inflammation, dispel the doubts and fears and walk with confidence towards the light. I am so proud of you!

This has not been easy, there was a bit of stop-and-go at times, but you learned that I was there for you, for support, as a coach and mentor. Now you know what eating clean can do for you, how it eliminates the toxins from your organs, leaving you stronger in both body and mind. Just look at how magnificent you have become, your skin is radiant, your hair shines, and you’re laughing again!
I love that in you and for you.

Knowing that this program has allowed you to accept the new and let go of the old and unwanted, bringing you forward in all areas of your life gratifies me. I saw this in you, and was so convinced that you could accept the power in yourself to make it happen. And now you know this too. These steps have been laborious, yet very rewarding.

You have applied yourself to the plan, learning new ways of eating, exercising and thinking, allowing yourself to meditate and relax, something you never thought you could do! You were somewhat unsure of the remedies, yet once you saw how they added to your healing journey, that was an extra blessing.

I love the change in you and how ready you are to grasp your world with both hands.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you, your family and co-workers. Everyone in your circle will benefit from your healing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing the light, being ready to let go and wake up to your own personal power.

Much love……Cheron.