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What is Reiki and How Does it Work?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It is based on the premise that everything is made up of energy that is constant. When that energy flow is restricted or blocked it causes pain and illness. Reiki is the transfer of healing energy and basically raising somebody's energy from that of no energy or blocked energy into a higher free flowing energy. This is the healed energy and it gives you strength.

Reiki can be relaxing. Many of my clients have had profound changes in their healing after their first session, even more so after doing it for a couple of weeks.

One of my clients who later became a student came to me because she had problems with her right hip, and we managed after a succession of appointments to release the pain she was experiencing and really give her the healing that she was seeking. One of those sessions was done as a distance healing where she was away on business and she knew that she would have to be doing a lot of walking over that weekend.

We sat together over a quick phone call to make the connection. I sat very quietly afterwards and just thought of her, sent her the energy and she reported a great improvement on that particular day. After about six sessions with me, she has no more pain in that area.

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Reiki works through a transference of energy. The energy is given to the client in a very simple but very sacred, procedure. During the sessions, the client may have a vision, or sometimes they'll see colours or shapes. They may sense a family member who passed on. It is different for every person. Every practitioner’s energy is different, and every session is different. Sometimes a client will want to be very quiet, and not talk. They just want to enjoy the relaxation, which is part of Reiki as well. Again, every session is different.

Reiki therefore can be used for relaxation and stress relief, to help alleviate pain and discomfort and, depending on your goals, to maybe even heal your body.