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The Grace of Endurance

I watched a YouTube video with Carolyn Myss on Holy Language and the Grace of Endurance. It really made me think.

Growing up, many of us were not given the support from our teachers….and by that I mean parents, teachers, family, etc; so we don’t really have a feeling for what endurance actually means. Yes, we applied ourselves at school, however there were times when it was all too much. Many people are totally bored with what they do, however they lack the endurance to get out of the situation.

The dictionary defines endurance as: “the ability to do something difficult for a long time; the ability to deal with pain or suffering that continues for a long time; the quality of continuing for a long time.” Important words here….for a long time.

We are really being called to endure something now. Something that no-one could ever foresee, or predict. (Except Bill Gates, I suppose. He presented a Ted Talk on just this situation in 2015. But I digress.)

Endurance is being called for in every one of us. World-wide. We have had to learn from the Chinese and Italians what NOT to do. And our Government is giving us the best direction they know, in order to prevent the same drastic effects happening here.

Being cooped up together with family or room mates is going to be telling for many, just as being isolated on your own will be. We don’t know how long this is going to last, and we have never been in this situation before. It is up to each and every one of us to endure this time that we’re going through. If you can’t find your favourite cut of meat at the grocery store, try something else. You might be surprised.

If you aren’t happy in your place of work, use this time to learn something new, so that once the restrictions are lifted, you’ll be able to apply for a better position with confidence and excitement. There is so much information on the Internet right now, and technology is allowing us to come together and meet with people from all over the world. You might just impress your next employer in one of these meetings.

Nobody knows what the new “norm” will look like after this is over. It certainly will not look like anything we have ever experienced up ‘till now. And how uplifting might that be?

I am reminded of the fear surrounding the end of 2012. This was to be THE END OF THE WORLD as we knew it. I honestly believe that was the beginning of what we’re going through today. Seven years of incubation, and POW!

Get rid of the old and welcome the new! Release what no longer serves us and be ready for a bright, new world, where we are as good as the next person. This time is going to serve as a great leveller, making us all “even” in our contributions and thinking. Don’t expect that in another few months ( or however long this takes ) we’re going pick up from where we left off and it will be same old, same old. Absolutely not!

I strongly suggest we practise endurance as we’ve never had to before. This time is going to be very telling for us all. Let us all become flexible and adaptable, loving and caring for others as well as ourself.

May you receive the grace of endurance.