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The Mosaic of Life

I read this in part of a story recently.
Taken from an article by Barbara Bergen in a Unity booklet, 2001.

”Life was once described to me as a large, colourful mosaic filled with lots of coloured chips - yellow chips of sunshine and laughter, pink chips filled with fresh possibilities of love, green chips of growth and newness, and many others besides. Hidden in the mosaic are some grey chips. Seen in all its entirety, the mosaic covers the full range of human experience. Seen from a distance, the mosaic makes up a beautiful pattern which we call life, with its mixture of sadness and joy.”

I would liken the mosaic to the population of the world. We are all colours and personalities, and seen from a distance, make up a beautiful pattern. Until we look that much closer and see and feel the pain that many are living. Tales of injustice, cruelty and poverty; tales of greed, power and control. What if we could undo all that, delete the anxiety, fears and doubts and return to a peaceful, calm environment? Shift away from negativity, letting our space radiate the love and well-being that we all deserve. Would that not be an option?

Would we not function better, treating all we meet with dignity and love? Are you thinking this is a “pie in the sky” dream? Didn’t Martin Luther King speak about “I have a dream?” What happened to that dream? Nelson Mandela spoke about “Respect for human life, liberty and well-being must be enshrined as rights beyond the power of any force to diminish.” It is also important to “respect and enhance the lives of others.”

How are we going to do that today with so much conflicting information, so many misguided “truths” and disappointments? Apart from dreams, we ought to set ourselves goals. You’ve probably heard the saying…” dreams without goals are just dreams.” Short-term goals, long-term goals, a goal for this week, next week and the week after that. If you don’t have a goal, you are as a boat afloat in a storm. Up one big wave one minute, sliding down the next and almost up-ending, nerves screaming and the heart beating almost fit to burst. Knee-jerk reactions most of the time, instead of ease and grace to re-do a situation and send love and peace to all.

The energy that we are living with at this time of the Pandemic is something not many of us has experienced before. Most of us are having to tap into our own feelings and strength, because there are few who can advise us. It’s a new way, it’s a new feeling, it’s a new energy. Some people these days are discovering things about themselves that they never knew before. Intuition is coming the fore, and deep realizations. Trust in yourself and what’s coming up for you. Those of us who are here, chose to be here for this time, even if you sometimes wish you hadn’t!

So think about setting a goal for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Just for tomorrow. “I’m going to smile at everyone I meet tomorrow.” Or, “I am going to be fully present tomorrow and not take anything personally.” You know best what is important to you and where you might need to improve or change something in your life. And to quote Dr Wayne Dyer “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” It all starts with one, and whether that’s you or me or the next person, if each one of us spreads “the love” - think what would, could happen in our world.

Sending Love and Peace to you,