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What does Alignment mean to you?


Over the past 28 days I took part in a Focus on Alignment with Beth A. Grant ( It has made such a difference in my life, as well as my business. I now look at things in a totally different light, and have journaled during the time as well. ( I always meant to journal, however "life" just got in the way. Now I realise how important it is to clear the mind before starting the day.)

Being in Alignment makes it easier to say "no" - and being honest with one's self is so important for peace of mind and authenticity. I feel I have been on this pathway for a year or so, only didn't give it a "name," and probably wasn't aware, either. Focusing on noticing "things" brings the everyday into your life and makes it that much more real. Instead of just rushing from one incident to another, slow, steady progress - almost like savouring food - brings one closer to reality and personal satisfaction. I now give myself more time to get somewhere, realizing how impolite it is to always be late for a meeting. Last-minute things can wait, I have 24 hours each and every day to finish what is mine to do. And there's always tomorrow.

"Being in the now" was a message I pulled this morning, and Alignment has shown me how that works. Being content with my life and waiting for inspiration instead of going at everything "because I should" is now the way I want to continue. I am grateful for the past 28 days and look forward to living my life with more peace, gratitude and authenticity.