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The Festive Season

THE FESTIVE SEASON - and how to survive it.

With the festive season coming up, I wanted to give some tips and pointers on how to get through it and stay healthy.

Yes, we mean you to have a good time, but the "stuffed feeling" afterwards? You are not a turkey! Eat simply, eat plenty of protein, no matter what you may be feasting on. Eat plenty of vegetables, in any way, shape or form. Leave out the stuffing, mashed potato, gravy and bread sauce (if served). Treat yourself to a SMALL piece of pie or pudding, etc. That way, you will not consume too many calories and your digestion will thank you for it.

Remember to save some time for yourself over the holidays, take a cat-nap when you feel like it, and if possible a short meditation. Get into the wonderful feeling of Peace and Contentment this season brings. Go for a short walk if it is cold, take a longer one if the weather permits. You will feel SO much better the next day.....and ready for some left-overs!

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Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa to you!
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