Your questions to Reiki

The Mosaic of Life

I read this in part of a story recently.
Taken from an article by Barbara Bergen in a Unity booklet, 2001.

”Life was once described to me as a large, colourful mosaic filled with lots of coloured chips - yellow chips of sunshine and laughter, pink chips filled with fresh possibilities of love, green chips of growth and newness, and many others besides. Hidden in the mosaic are some grey chips. Seen in all its entirety, the mosaic covers the full range of human experience. Seen from a distance, the mosaic makes up a beautiful pattern which we call life, with its mixture of sadness and joy.”

I would liken the mosaic to the population of the world. We are all colours and personalities, and seen from a distance, make up a beautiful pattern. Until we look that much closer and see and feel the pain that many are living. Tales of injustice, cruelty and poverty; tales of greed, power and control. What if we could undo all that, delete the anxiety, fears and doubts and return to a peaceful, calm environment? Shift away from negativity, letting our space radiate the love and well-being that we all deserve. Would that not be an option?

Would we not function better, treating all we meet with dignity and love? Are you thinking this is a “pie in the sky” dream? Didn’t Martin Luther King speak about “I have a dream?” What happened to that dream? Nelson Mandela spoke about “Respect for human life, liberty and well-being must be enshrined as rights beyond the power of any force to diminish.” It is also important to “respect and enhance the lives of others.”

How are we going to do that today with so much conflicting information, so many misguided “truths” and disappointments? Apart from dreams, we ought to set ourselves goals. You’ve probably heard the saying…” dreams without goals are just dreams.” Short-term goals, long-term goals, a goal for this week, next week and the week after that. If you don’t have a goal, you are as a boat afloat in a storm. Up one big wave one minute, sliding down the next and almost up-ending, nerves screaming and the heart beating almost fit to burst. Knee-jerk reactions most of the time, instead of ease and grace to re-do a situation and send love and peace to all.

The energy that we are living with at this time of the Pandemic is something not many of us has experienced before. Most of us are having to tap into our own feelings and strength, because there are few who can advise us. It’s a new way, it’s a new feeling, it’s a new energy. Some people these days are discovering things about themselves that they never knew before. Intuition is coming the fore, and deep realizations. Trust in yourself and what’s coming up for you. Those of us who are here, chose to be here for this time, even if you sometimes wish you hadn’t!

So think about setting a goal for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Just for tomorrow. “I’m going to smile at everyone I meet tomorrow.” Or, “I am going to be fully present tomorrow and not take anything personally.” You know best what is important to you and where you might need to improve or change something in your life. And to quote Dr Wayne Dyer “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” It all starts with one, and whether that’s you or me or the next person, if each one of us spreads “the love” - think what would, could happen in our world.

Sending Love and Peace to you,

A Letter To My Clients

Dear friend,

getting to know you and what your expectations are is a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for your entrustment to bring you through the change and transformation to this beautiful, “new” you.

Letting go of the betrayal, anger and shame you’ve carried for so long, is a great achievement for you, and I honour that. Working with you has been like peeling an onion, every layer something new to discover and rejoice over. And now, even the guilt has gone, how wonderful!

There have been tears, for both of us, happiness and elation, knowing that every session we’re another step closer to where you want to be and the freedom and joy in which you deserve to feel and revel.

The first few meetings were slow, we had to experience each other’s trust and you had to learn to rely on the faith and hope built into the program. This gave you the conviction to learn what your body needed to eliminate the inflammation, dispel the doubts and fears and walk with confidence towards the light. I am so proud of you!

This has not been easy, there was a bit of stop-and-go at times, but you learned that I was there for you, for support, as a coach and mentor. Now you know what eating clean can do for you, how it eliminates the toxins from your organs, leaving you stronger in both body and mind. Just look at how magnificent you have become, your skin is radiant, your hair shines, and you’re laughing again!
I love that in you and for you.

Knowing that this program has allowed you to accept the new and let go of the old and unwanted, bringing you forward in all areas of your life gratifies me. I saw this in you, and was so convinced that you could accept the power in yourself to make it happen. And now you know this too. These steps have been laborious, yet very rewarding.

You have applied yourself to the plan, learning new ways of eating, exercising and thinking, allowing yourself to meditate and relax, something you never thought you could do! You were somewhat unsure of the remedies, yet once you saw how they added to your healing journey, that was an extra blessing.

I love the change in you and how ready you are to grasp your world with both hands.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you, your family and co-workers. Everyone in your circle will benefit from your healing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing the light, being ready to let go and wake up to your own personal power.

Much love……Cheron.

How Are You Doing, Are You Still Counting?

That’s a question you’re probably hearing a lot these days.  I hope so, at least. Canada has been in official lockdown due to the pandemic since mid-March 2020, and so many families, friends and colleagues have been separated since then. I hope you are receiving regular check-ins from those you care for and who care for you.

Have you ever thought what we are living through now, future generations will be learning about in their History classes? The time the world stopped, literally! Well, it didn’t actually stop, but traffic did, leaving most cities with a very ghostly feeling. 

This has left many citizens feeling fearful and wondering about their future. Fortunately, if you have access to a computer, you are able to connect with many of the classes, webinars and podcasts being offered by generous entrepreneurs and business people all over the world. This is a time to learn new things, to re-evaluate your life and your purpose in this world. 

I’d like to offer you some support, to help you feel more safe, more secure and  confident about where you are in life at this time. 

In difficult and trying times, we often feel that the darkest hour is full of despair. The truth is however, that day always follows night, the calm always comes after the storm, and that hope always comes after doubt. Remember, every change will bring a blessing. Using this time to learn new things and “meet” new people can be very advantageous for “after the storm.” Bouncing forward once we are all able to go about our daily lives again will bring new-found hope and excitement. Even if you have been able to work from home, imagine how thrilling it will be to present new ideas and visions to clients, managers and colleagues alike? 

I wish I could tell you that your job is still waiting for you, that your employer still has a business to go to, and that you may stay in your comfortable home. Nobody knows these things, this pandemic is uncharted waters for all of us. 

Remember, too, to take time for self-care. There is a lot of information being thrust at us through the media, no matter what form we use and how much we try to restrict the time we make it available to us. If you feel like taking a nap, do so. If you feel like going for a walk, do so. If you want to shed a few tears, do so. Acknowledging our feelings is all part and parcel of our new world, in my opinion. If an online course calls to you, take it. Many presenters are asking for a donation, some are not charging anything at all. Use these opportunities to your best advantage. We have the time now and should make use of it as much as possible.

Know you are in my thoughts and prayers, and may I remind you that...
"This too, shall pass."

Much love, Cheron.

The Grace of Endurance

I watched a YouTube video with Carolyn Myss on Holy Language and the Grace of Endurance. It really made me think.

Growing up, many of us were not given the support from our teachers….and by that I mean parents, teachers, family, etc; so we don’t really have a feeling for what endurance actually means. Yes, we applied ourselves at school, however there were times when it was all too much. Many people are totally bored with what they do, however they lack the endurance to get out of the situation.

The dictionary defines endurance as: “the ability to do something difficult for a long time; the ability to deal with pain or suffering that continues for a long time; the quality of continuing for a long time.” Important words here….for a long time.

We are really being called to endure something now. Something that no-one could ever foresee, or predict. (Except Bill Gates, I suppose. He presented a Ted Talk on just this situation in 2015. But I digress.)

Endurance is being called for in every one of us. World-wide. We have had to learn from the Chinese and Italians what NOT to do. And our Government is giving us the best direction they know, in order to prevent the same drastic effects happening here.

Being cooped up together with family or room mates is going to be telling for many, just as being isolated on your own will be. We don’t know how long this is going to last, and we have never been in this situation before. It is up to each and every one of us to endure this time that we’re going through. If you can’t find your favourite cut of meat at the grocery store, try something else. You might be surprised.

If you aren’t happy in your place of work, use this time to learn something new, so that once the restrictions are lifted, you’ll be able to apply for a better position with confidence and excitement. There is so much information on the Internet right now, and technology is allowing us to come together and meet with people from all over the world. You might just impress your next employer in one of these meetings.

Nobody knows what the new “norm” will look like after this is over. It certainly will not look like anything we have ever experienced up ‘till now. And how uplifting might that be?

I am reminded of the fear surrounding the end of 2012. This was to be THE END OF THE WORLD as we knew it. I honestly believe that was the beginning of what we’re going through today. Seven years of incubation, and POW!

Get rid of the old and welcome the new! Release what no longer serves us and be ready for a bright, new world, where we are as good as the next person. This time is going to serve as a great leveller, making us all “even” in our contributions and thinking. Don’t expect that in another few months ( or however long this takes ) we’re going pick up from where we left off and it will be same old, same old. Absolutely not!

I strongly suggest we practise endurance as we’ve never had to before. This time is going to be very telling for us all. Let us all become flexible and adaptable, loving and caring for others as well as ourself.

May you receive the grace of endurance.

A new dawn......

What's to say that hasn't already been said on or about the Novel Coronavirus that is spreading all over the planet at this time? This is a new situation for all of us, and most especially now that many companies are insisting that their staff work from home. This is probably because many of the schools and universities are also closed to students for the time being, parents need to be with their families. It is all-encompassing, including churches and gatherings of more than 250 people.

But what about those of us who are dependant on the public to earn their income? Wait staff, retail associates and store keepers? Entertainers and presenters? This pandemic is affecting more people than first ever perceived. I saw a piece on TV last night where school shows/concerts are being encouraged to perform on the Internet, and many of these are now going viral! There's a good side to every situation.

The most important thing is not to panic. Look at the stats and figures. Think about your own lifestyle. If you have not travelled internationally recently, and are practising the health and safety measures suggested by your country's Health Department, you are safe and have nothing to fear.

It is not my intention to give you all the do's and don'ts regarding this virus. There is enough information out there already. What I do want to do is comfort you. Know there is a reason for this, maybe a time for us to review and renew our promises. A BIG lesson for all, we are being shown a new way to live. I'm seeing lots of emails with great advice…….Pivot instead of Stop; that this will bring an end to the "Them v Us" syndrome, a time for all of us to support one another, even if it's from a distance. We will look back at this time and see it as a great leveller.

Use the phone, email or Social Media to connect with people who are either in self-imposed isolation or medically so. It's a great way to have a discussion, and it doesn't have to be one-on-one. With certain systems, you can hook up a whole family - if you want to! Reach out for help, advice, or just to say Hello.

Let me know if I can help you in any way……would you would like some distance healing, at no charge? We can discuss all the options, I'm here to help….

Sending much love in these uncertain times,