A selection of testimonials from people I have worked with.
Many found this softer way of healing to be life-changing.



" My energy level has increased, my mood has escalated and the ringing in my ears has decreased. I feel that the affirmations and remedies three times a day greatly helped me"……C.S, Winnipeg, MB

" Thank you for your work and kindness, you are a natural. My sleep issues have decreased. God bless you on your journey………"
G.I, St Catherines, ON

" I've been doing well, accomplishing more than I was able to a year ago and feel my old self coming back. This is a good thing………." Update: "Your help has not been forgotten and my hands have been clear since working with you." 2010/2018 S.E, Whitby, ON

" I am extremely enthusiastic to recommend Cheron. Her work is detailed and competent and she is very accurate in her assessments. Cheron is a very compassionate healer who has a heart of service………" C.B, Kitchener, ON

" I am delighted to say how much better I felt within days when guided by Cheron to make specific dietary and lifestyle changes. My health was at an all-time low. Cheron was always gentle and encouraging, especially when I stumbled backwards. I feel better, and truly, I am well……" S.J, Mississauga, ON


" I just wanted to thank you for the class yesterday, it was wonderful! The other participants were so welcoming too. I feel so blessed to have met you and learn from you. You are a great teacher! I have spent a bit of time going through the binder you gave me, there is so much information, thank you, thank you, thank you! "……W.M, Winnipeg, MB

"Thank you for the wonderful day! I treated both my dad and my husband afterwards. My husband also commented that my hands felt warmer than usual. I'm really looking forward to Level 2! "
…..J.C.G, Winnipeg, MB

"Yesterday was truly amazing and very affirming for me. Last evening I was able to use Reiki on myself to stop the beginning of a migraine. That to me is life-changing and freeing. Pain relief so fast….wow.
The energy and vibrations I experienced as I did it was incredible and so enjoyable. It felt great, like pure love coursing through me."
……K.E, Winnipeg, MB

" I am really looking forward to continuing on.  As much as I love my crystals, I am finding so much satisfaction and validation with Reiki."
….B.R, Winnipeg, MB

Both workshops met my expectations and I am looking forward to continuing Reiki. The universe works in wonderful ways and brought me to the right teacher. Thank you so much for helping me on this new journey in life." 
M.G. Winnipeg, MB 


"Hello Cheron, thank you for the distance healing that was sent. My brother is feeling much better, he was at home for 5 weeks, and can now work again.
Lots of love," H.L, Durban, South Africa.