What do a clothing designer, an interior designer and a holistic healer have in common? Not much, really, except that is the path taken by me through my lifetime.

Often, challenges and life-altering experiences have a way of pointing someone in a completely different direction to that which they were used to, comfortable with, and had no intention of straying from!

I have lived on three Continents, and arrived in Canada in 2003. My goal when planning my new life was to continue on my path of working with textiles, but instead of clothing, change the finished product into luxurious home decor. Bedding, custom drapes, pillows and throws were my main focus for the first seven years in Ontario.

A chance meeting with a well-known healer in Toronto led me to taking a course with this Doctor of Natural Medicine, along with five other women. Most of the participants were already healers in some way or another. My attraction to the course was to learn Reiki. Little did I know a whole new world would be opened up to me, changing my way of life and intentions forever!

I learnt intuitive readings, visual diagnosis, consultations to tailor a client’s symptoms into pain-free living, lifestyle and diet advice, as well as Reiki and personalised remedies, all working towards a softer way of healing. I am able to work long-distance, using the telephone and internet.

A move to Manitoba in 2010 added more change to my lifestyle as I now have many friends in healing circles and regularly attend meditation classes, Yoga and other Spiritual events.

The cultural side of Winnipeg appeals to me and I enjoy various types of entertainment from The Fringe, Winnipeg Jazz Week, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Winnipeg’s Comedy Hour. There are many wonderfully landscaped parks and gardens in Winnipeg, which bring peace and tranquility to a busy life.

I have two cats that I love and spoil. I am involved in Community work through volunteering, and enjoy living in the city of Winnipeg. I am a member of many social groups and through these, enjoy various outings to little-known parts of Manitoba and Winnipeg together with new friends.